4-Hour Ring Sizing and Repair

Bring your ring in to be sized or drop-off a broken gold chain for same-day quality workmanship and service. Come back a few hours later and it will be ready for you.

Watches and clocks








Visit Gordon Jewellers for qualified battery replacement. Delicate parts need an experienced touch to ensure there’s no damage to your valued timepiece. You can trust them to ensure your timepiece enjoys a long-lasting time.


Cleaning and Checking Claws

Our walk-in service will help to ensure peace of mind that your precious stones are secure. A quick cleaning will leave you amazed at the sparkle of your jewellery and will help to keep it looking like new.

Engagement Rings , Wedding Bands and family rings

Choose from our wonderful selection of quality diamonds for your special day. When it comes to the 4Cs of diamonds – colour, cut, clarity and carat weight – Gordon Jewellers are beyond compare, especially when it comes to clarity and colour. And don’t forget that all-important 5th C of confidence. Engagement rings have been sold to Gordon Jewellers clients who are now sending their children and grandchildren there to select a ring that will honour their own lifetime commitment.

Diamonds truly are forever at Gordon Jewellers.

FIRE AND ICE. Canadian Diamond

Gordon Jewellers Ltd. COUNTER 2016-1

PERSONALIZED GEMS. Family rings, pendants and bracelets.


Ladies’ Jewellery

Find unique pieces designed to complement your personality perfectly at Gordon Jewellers. Whether your tastes run from the classic elegance of a gold locket to the artsy ambiance of colourful crystals and precious stones, you will find the perfect touch to your ensemble.


Every Woman Deserves To Shine.

Dancing Diamond ( Canadian center diamond)

Set in a genuine axis component, made truly canadian certified gold.

FIG1468P 400x400

Mens’ Jewellery

Check out their showcase for stylish looks of contemporary and classic men’s jewellery, including the very popular Chisel brand, for every occasion from denim to tuxedos. Up your sharp-dressed man status by shopping at Gordon Jewellers for pendants, strands, bracelets, timepieces and more to add that touch of class to your wardrobe.


Experience the positive experience of a QRay bracelet! Stylish and elegant for both men and women, Gordon Jewellers are the exclusive local retailer of a full-line of these bracelets which enhance natural energy flows. Working in a similar way to that of acupuncture, QRay bracelets enhance meridian channels so that your positive energy is optimized. Trade-in your QRAY bracelet and receive 20% off on a new one. Offer ends on January 22, 2018.Visit for more information or find them on Facebook.