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“I have been dealing with Gordon Jewellers for
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We perform in-house jewellery repairs, cleanings, and custom jewellery designs to ensure a quality and reliable service.
Our business accepts walk-in customers and appointments to accommodate your preferences.

Jewellery Repairs and Replacements

Despite proper maintenance, frequent wear may cause damage to your jewellery over time. To ensure that your pieces remain polished and valuable, we provide prompt restorations. Our team repairs prongs, rings, gold chains, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and more. We also perform watch battery replacements, stone replacements, and pearl restringing.

Skilled in ring sizing, our jeweller can modify your rings to achieve the perfect fit. This service requires cutting through the bottom of the ring shank, adding or removing a small portion of metal, soldering to connect the sides, and polishing to restore the ring’s condition. From rings to watches, all restorations are handled with care and precision, as delicate jewellery requires an expert’s touch.

Jewellery Cleaning

If your jewellery has a dull or tarnished appearance, it likely needs a thorough cleaning. Gordon Jewellers offers professional jewellery cleaning to remove layers of accumulated dirt and oil. Different types of jewellery and stones require alternative cleaning methods, which we assess and recommend during your visit.

We often use ultrasonic cleaners to dismantle any grime found on the jewellery. After placing the item in the water inside the machine, high-frequency waves create small bubbles that adhere to the dirt layer and easily remove it. We also use buffers to remove scratches found on the jewellery’s surface and gentle chemical detergents to improve shine, depending on the type of metal. It is recommended that jewellery be inspected for damage and cleaned every six to twelve months, especially rings that are worn regularly.

Custom Jewellery and Design

Whether you have a jewellery design in mind or hope to create one, we are here to help. Gordon Jewellers specializes in custom jewellery design and can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Starting with a consultation, our team will assess your needs, prepare design options, and fit the jewellery to your specifications. Popular types of custom jewellery are women’s and men’s wedding rings, anniversary rings, and family rings.

We offer original designs, as well as modifications to existing jewellery. Repurpose diamonds or stones from heirloom pieces by incorporating them into a new style or setting. Our store also provides custom engraving, most commonly placed on rings, watches, and medical bracelets. Take pride in knowing that your bespoke pieces are unique to you or someone special.

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